Get Creative

There are many ways to creatively utilise Newslink's unique environment.

Shadow news content

Whilst by definition much news editorial cannot be predicted, there are many events that will always make the headlines such as Budget day, The Oscars and numerous sporting events, which allow advertisers to creatively take advantage of news content. More recently the Co-op were able to creatively append news of the Royal birth of Prince George.


Mimic the news style

A simple way to make your brand into news headlines – ideal for any new product launch or announcement; sales, pricing etc. Alternatively just make your ad part of the fabric of morning radio.






Or to ‘advertorialise’ and own events….”this [30”] update on London fashion week brought to you by……….”



Modal targeting i.e by consumer context rather than demographic is becoming ever more important to marketers. The fixed spot times offered on Newslink allow brands to creatively target consumers at key moments for brand consideration.



Newslink offers the perfect forum for a national competition base driven through an advertiser’s website…”go to the to win tickets for this weekend’s…….”