A premium solus spot broadcast to 26.8 Million people every week

Newslink is Independent Radio News’ 1431-tasks-ACvjAB1_7wk-IRN_logo networked solus advertising spot adjacent to the news. Broadcast to an attentive audience of 26.8 Million every week*, it is the perfect space to effectively engage listeners.

*Source: RAJAR Q1 20

Attentive audience

Radio is the most trusted source of news in the UK – when a bulletin begins people stop to listen.

The Newslink spot immediately follows news bulletins, speaking to an audience at their most attentive and receptive.

Public trust in news sources



We’ve got it covered

With comprehensive UK coverage, Newslink provides access to an audience of 26.8 Million people every week. No matter your target, it’s certain that our network has the right listeners for your message anywhere in the UK.

283 Stations

100% UK coverage

26.8 Million 15+ adults every week*

5 x larger reach than the Sun newspaper readership†

SOURCES – * RAJAR Q1 20| † ABC 2015

Stand apart from the crowd

In each Newslink bulletin listeners hear just one Newslink advert. In isolation – uncluttered by any other message, your brand is free to connect with the listener without distraction.

A solus ad spot increases standout by58

SOURCES – Clark Chapman ‘Newslink research 2012′

Online Presence

Newslink also offers solus creative placements on 140 network websites with a weekly audience of 19 million adults per week.

Your campaign can extend its reach with an online presence on some of the UK’s most trusted news and content feeds delivered by sky-logo

140 websites
19 million adults every week
750,000 page impressions/month

SOURCES – Global Digital Oct 2013

What our customers say…


It really competes with the likes of TV when you’re looking for ways to be cost efficient

I’ve worked with Newslink over the years and not only have they got a great team – the Newslink package is a powerful solus environment to be in for any commercial partner that wants to create standout around the News feature on radio.

Reaching over 27 million adults every week across the syndicated group really competes with the likes of TV when you’re looking for ways to be cost efficient with your clients’ budgets and that’s why we will continue to use Newslink.

Neil Tookey
Investment Manager | Maxus


A unique offering in the market that allows us to reach a huge audience across the whole of the UK

Newslink is an excellent commercial radio product that we regularly invest in.

It’s a unique offering in the market that allows us to reach a huge daily / weekly audience across the whole of the UK in a prime solus position.

The strength around the news environment is unparallelled for a medium such as radio and offers great modal opportunities for our clients’ needs

Charlie Yeates
Board Director | Mediacom

Helpful & Hassle Free

Newslink allows you to co-ordinate a nationwide campaign in a premium slot, uncluttered by other advertisers, with zero hassle.

One campaign, one vendor and one point of contact. It’s never been easier to be heard by so many, so fully and so clearly.

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